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Neptune Fluidized IQF Belt Freezer
The Neptune Fluidized IQF belt freezer is used for the production of IQF products especially for the fruits and vegetables industry. It operates on the vertical blowing principle. The product is placed on the stainless steel belt and is led past centrifugal blowers. This creates sufficient volume of air which is blown from under the stainless steel belt. Due to this, the fruits and vegetables are in the stage of fluidization which prevents clumping of product. Centrifugal fans circulate the temperature through the evaporates which reduces the temperature to below -35 Deg C. This quickly reduces the temperature of the product down to -18 Deg C.

The Cabinet is made out of PCGI / SS sheets with PUF insulation.

SS 316 grade wire mesh belt is provided in two stages for conveying the product through the freezers. The arrangement is complete with SS support frame, SS chain links, sprockets and rollers wear strips and SS product guards.

Conveyor belt speed can be varied to match the product size and output and this is complete with gear box, gear box drive motor and mounting frame and control for variable speed.

Evaporator cooling coil covering the length of the belt is fabricated from SS / CDW tubes and Aluminum fins with variable fin spacing for allowing longer time between defrost period.

Heavy duty high static centrifugal fans develops the necessary pressure for fluidization and is driven by heavy duty special motors of variable speed suitable for operating in low temperature atmosphere.

Control cum starter panel for the IQF is complete with digital indicators, sensors, variable frequency drivers for the gear box motors and drive for the fan motors

  NFBF -500 NFBF -800 NFBF -1500 NFBF -2000
CAPCITY 500 Kgs 800 Kgs 1500 Kgs 2000 Kgs
FREEZING TIME - MIN 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5
INLET TEMPERATURE +15'C +15'C +15'C +15'C
OUTLET TEMPERATURE -18'C -18'C -18'C -18'C
REFRIGERATION LOAD 26.03 TR 35.52 TR 61.90 TR 81.14 TR
EXTERNAL DIMENSION 6.1X4.5X2.93M 7.15X4.5X2.93M 9X5.2X3.15M 12X5.2X3.15M
BELT WIDTH 1000MM 1000MM 1500MM 1500MM
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