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Neptune Refrigeration Co. P. Ltd (an ISO 9001:2015 company) is an internationally acknowledged supplier of industrial refrigeration equipment’s with its head office in Chennai and a branch office in Mumbai. We have been in the business for the past 40 years and have done many prestigious projects for both the Government as well as the private sector.

We specialize in low temperature applications, which caters to industries like seafood, meat, fruits & vegetables, dairy, brewery and chemicals. Our plate freezers, blast freezers and IQF machines operate at – 40 deg C, our cold storages and ice machines at - 25 deg C and our chill rooms and vegetable stores at 5 deg C .

We have been exporting our products to countries like Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, U.A.E., Oman, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, Congo and Saudi Arabia where our equipment have given excellent performance under the most hostile ambient conditions. Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and are upgraded regularly to keep up with the latest developments in the field. We have flexibility and responsiveness of a small company with the professionalism and technological support of a large company. Due to this we are able to supply our clients with the best quality equipment at the optimal price.

We can set up projects on a turn key basis right from designing and selecting the right equipment, to planning the plant layout, to supplying the best equipment, to erecting and commissioning the plant in the shortest period possible. Backed by our vast experience, our technical and service engineers are able to offer unmatched service. Due to our optimal design, the plants runs at higher efficiencies resulting in cost savings

Our prices are highly competitive and our products of excellent quality. Our quick response time ensures that your order is processed and your equipment shipped to you within the shortest possible time


  • To develop and deliver high quality industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment on time and at the optimal price
  • To fulfill and exceed our customers expectations
  • To promote our employees competence and job satisfaction
  • To continually improve on the above


Neptune offers the most suitable system be it Ammonia based systems or Freon based system. These are designed based on the application, location and nature of operation. Neptune selects the best the world has to offer from compressors, panels, cooling towers, racking systems, reach trucks, docking systems etc


  • Neptune engineers are always visiting various shows and exhibitions around the world so that we have access to the best equipment available.
  • Neptune is in continuous dialogue with manufacturers to get the latest updates on technology
  • Neptune can provide information to you about the availability of the different kinds of process equipment required for your plant
  • With our commitment to quality, our products are being constantly upgraded, so that we can supply our clients with best quality equipment.