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Block Ice Plant
5 to 50 TPD and Multiples

Neptune is able to offer you block ice plant from capacity 5 to 50 TPD and multiples of this capacities using vast range of compressors. Some of the salient features are given below:-

Compressor – Compressors, motors, starters, pumps of reputed make are provided to suit site conditions.
Condenser – Atmospheric, Shell and tube and Evaporative condensers can be provided to suit site conditions.
Coil – Well designed and correctly sized Trunk type coil fabricated from Ms Class C TATA pipes is provided for standard and non-standard ice plants. Suitably sized liquid separator prevents any liquid rushing back to the compressor. The coil is given anti-corrosive paint before leaving the works
Ice Tank – Neptune ice tanks are made of heavy gauge Ms plate normally supplied in knock down condition for welding at site. Suitable angle iron stiffeners are provided for extra strength; and insulated with 115 mm thick expanded polystyrene or equivalent.
Agitator – Belt driven or direct driven. Suitable agitators are provided for proper agitation of brine in the tank. The system is provided with a motor and suitable bearings for easy operation
Ice Can – Welded Ice cans of 16 G are provided with the ice plant. Cans are supplied to suit individual requirements in the capacity of 15kgs, 45kgs,135kgs ,and 181kgs. Ice cans can be fabricated from galvanized iron sheet or from HR Sheet hot dip galvanized after fabrication.
Hoisting Equipment –Manual or EOT crane is provided for lifting the ice cans from tank. Suitably designed can dog allows lifting of one or two cans at a time. For large installation, electric hoist is used to lift entire row or rows of cans at a time.
Can Dump – To remove the frozen ice from the can, a can dump made from heavy gauge MS Sheet is provided with easy tilting arrangement. Can dump is made for one can or for entire row of cans when using the electric hoist. Can filler arrangement is also provided for one can or for entire row of cans to save time in filling up.