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Double Contact Plate Freezing

Neptune makes a freezer which will save you money and the same time, increase your efficiency and product quality. Neptune offers a complete range of freezers from 7 to 15 stations with special aluminum extruded freezing plates. The standard size being 10 stations and 15 stations. Freezer can be tailor made to hold 300kgs per batch.

The product is loaded into the station in cartons or trays, the freezing plates then closed hydraulically, thus ensuring double contact, both on the top and bottom of the product. A rapid, efficient and even freeze is thus achieved, resulting in low freezing costs per kilogram of product weight. Throughout the freeze, contact between the plates and product is maintained by Pre-set hydraulic Pressure. Plates of any size to suit specific requirements can be fabricated.

The versatility of the Neptune Plate Freezer can be seen throughout the food industry. Where countless food products for example- Meat, Fish (either filets or whole ),Shrimp, Poultry, Fruits and vegetables are frozen using these freezers.


Neptune Plate Freezers are of robust construction. Specially designed aluminum extruded freezing plates are fitted and all surfaces in contact with products are manufactured with aluminum alloy. The freezer cabinet is insulated and the external and internal surfaces can be cladded with of stainless steel, aluminum or Pre coated GI sheet as per customers need. The doors are fitted with stainless steel hinges and locks and can be single or double folding. Cabinet can also be constructed from panels which can be assembled inside the processing hall..

Freezing Plate

Neptune freezing plates are manufactured with patented aluminum alloy with passages for refrigerant circulation. The plate operate with ammonia, R-22 and other refrigerants and have undergone rigorous pressure tests to ensure maximum strength and prevent leakages.
Plates can be made suitable for gravity system, pump re-circulation system and expansion system.

The excellent circulation system combined with the favourable thermal conductivity of aluminum provides highly efficient freezer plates with quick heat transfer, hence fast freezing with maximum economy. Standard plate have clear freezing area of 1830 x 850 mm. Plates of any size to suit specific requirements can be fabricated.

Freezing Timing

The freezing time depends upon the type of product and operating conditions of the refrigeration plant and the packaging used for the product. Neptune Plate Freezer calculations assume that the product enters at +10 Deg C and leaves at -20 Deg C in the core. Evaporation temperature within the plate being - 40 Deg C. For example, 45mm thick 2 kg shrimp cartons are hard frozen within 90 minutes using gravity system. With liquid ammonia pump re- circulation system the time can be reduced to 45 minutes.
NEPTUNE ‘s services are backed by a highly experienced team of engineers and servicemen. There is always a reliable after sales service, should it be required, thus ensuring the highest performance of our equipment.

Hydraulic Power Pack

The hydraulic power pack which is complete with pumps, motor, values, oil reservoir, contractor and extended control lever is operated to open the freezing plates for loading products.


The freezing plates are connected to suction and liquid headers by stainless steel armoured flexible hoses which operates down to -50 Deg C or even lower.

Outstanding Features
Product Quality :

The rapid low temperature freezing maintains the natural quality with an improved product appearance.

High Freezing Efficiency :

The freezers operate at low temperatures even down to -40 Deg C. The horizontal plate close on to the packages or trays ensuring a complete top and bottom contact resulting in low freezing time.

Package Uniformity :

Double contact plate freezing results in a flat uniform which is easy for over wrapping thus assuring excellent product appearance.

Weight Loss Reduction :

Because the product is sealed between the freezing plates, weight loss is not a problem which is associated with air blast freezing.

Large freezing capacity in a small floor space:

The Neptune Plate Freezer is manufactured as a compact unit and can ideally be located within the processing area.