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Slurry Ice Machine

High-efficient cooling :

Slurry ice provides the largest contact area with products and ensures rapid and even heat transfer which brings a wonderful cooling efficiency

Better product protection :

The softness and shape of slurry ice ensures no damages on the cooling products.

Labor and time saving :

It can be easily pumped anywhere by using a common pipe saving labor costs and time

Lower energy costs:

If offers better energy efficiency with lower Freon consumption and lower energy expenditure.

Hygiene :

Use stainless steel 316 in all contact areas which meets all food processing standards

Multi-functional :

Can be designed for both shipboard and land based applications

Minimum salinity:

Operated with low brine concentrations, slurry ice density is from 20% to 70%.

High refrigeration efficiency:

Wrap frozen products completely thereby ensuring a rapid and efficient cooling performance with low power input.

Different refrigerants

Suitable for all types of current refrigerants R22, R404a, R507, NH3 etc