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Evaporative Condenser

NEPTUNE is dedicated to providing the finest industrial and commercial evaporative cooling equipment. Each unit represents the company’s commitment to excellence in engineering and manufacturing. NEPTUNE ‘s emphasis on research in many condenser innovations which have resulted in many major advancements in heat transfer efficiency. The EC line of evaporative condensers represents another example of NEPTUNE ‘s commitment to product development. The line comprises of 12 models ranging in size from 55KW to 550KW.Other sizes can be customized to client’s requirement.

Principle of Operation

The refrigerant vapour to be condensed is circulated through a condensing coil which is continually wetted on the outside by a recirculating water system. Air is simultaneously sucked upward over the coil, causing a small portion of the recirculated water to evaporate. This evaporation removes heat from the coil, cooling and condensing the vapour in the coil.

First Cost

The installed cost of a properly designed evaporative condenser is less than other methods of condensing, such as air cooled or combination cooling tower with separate shell and tube condenser. In addition, their compact design requires less operating space and less supporting steel. Condensers from NEPTUNE utilize a modular design with factory assembled construction to ensure lower field installation costs.

Running Costs

Evaporative condensers reject heat directly to the ambient air in one heat transfer step. The inherent efficiency of evaporative cooling provides lower condensing temperature and compressor power savings of upto 15%. In addition, maintenance costs are minimized through the latest technological advancements in evaporative cooled equipment. These includes a simplified water distribution system, PVC drift eliminators, and many other equipment features pioneered by NEPTUNE.

Quality Construction
Coil Section

NEPTUNE coils feature a design which assures maximum condensing capacity. The airflow through the coil is counterflow to the refrigerant flow providing the most efficient heat transfer process. A special coil design reduces the air pressure drop through the unit, maximizes coil surface area, increases heat transfer capabilities and provides a high film coefficient. The coils are manufactured from high quality steel tubing following the most stringent quality control procedures and then tested at 500 psi air pressure under water to make sure it is leak free. To protect the coil against corrosion, each circuit is sand spray galvanized. The circuits are then assembled into a coil, which is again pressure tested.

Water Distribution Section

The coil must be thoroughly and completely drenched with water at all times, to give the maximum hear transfer and to minimize scalling. The NEPTUNE system does this with specially designed water spray nozzles. The non-corrodable PVC eliminators minimize maintenance and extend the life of the evaporative condenser. A sturdy basin is provided to collect the water before re- circulating it with the help of an pump.

Blower Section

The blower section consists of fans which are constructed from a corrosion free aluminium alloy material for reliable operation and low maintenance. The fan is enclosed in a close fitting, venture shaped cowl for efficient operation. A special stainless steel screen is mounted over the fan discharge for safety purposes.


The standard casing provided is fabricated from GI sheet. However, our option is stainless steel or pre- coated GI sheet can be used.

Capacities in KW calculated at

1. Air entering temperature 80 Deg F
2.Suction pressure 20psig
3.condensing pressure 200psig

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to constant upgradation of our products.

Refrigerant Condensers

With Plan Tubes and Integrally Finned Tubed Suitable For Halogen and Ammonia Refrigerant

Neptune Condensers An Updated Technology

NEPTUNE CONDENSERS are the normal choice of specialists in refrigeration and Air Conditioning. The condensers carry in them all the latest technological improvements and innovations that have updated integral fin tube condensers. The tube of the condensers are contructed with fixed sheets and are easily replaceable. During construction tube holes in the tube sheets are serrated and the tubes are rolled Expanded / welded into position to ensure elimination of leak in the joints. A wide range of Neptune condensers are manufactured with shell diameters from 150 to 1000 mm and tube length from 1830 to 6100 mm having capacity coverage from 9000 to 7,25,000 Kcal / hr.Our own streamlined manufacturing facilities enable us to design and deliver condensers for special duties whenever required structural steel supports, pressure relief valves, gas and water purge valves, gas inlet liquid outlet flanges are also made available according to requirements.

Special Features

Capacities 3 TR to 240 TR (9,000 to 7,25,000 Kcal /hr)
Trouble free operation
Replaceable and cleanable tubes
Optimum performance
Roller expanded / welded tubes in tube sheet

The condenser models are standard sizes. Specific condensers can be designed and individually fabricated for each and every application based on parameters suitable to different requirements. In tune with advancing technology around the world, Neptune sets the tune wherever special construction are needed in the sphere of refrigeration and air conditioning.

Construction Specifications
SHELL: ERW heavy duty pipe or fabricated from rolled sheet
TUBE SHEET : Constructed from equality steel
WATER HEADS: Are available with different numbers of water passes from 2 to any multi pass arrangement.
WATER SPACE : In tubes
DESIGN WORKING PRESSURE: Tube side 100 PSIG (7kg/, shell side 235 PSIG (16kg/
TEST PRESSURE : Tube side 150 PSIG (10kg/, shell side 300 PSIG (21 kg/